VMS ecosystem revisited

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Thanks to Brett Cameron (HP) a presentation of inter-application protocols, and his ports of them to OpenVMS, including port of Erlang, and the experiences about all that:

Polyglot Rabbit (1)

Polyglot Rabbit (2)

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Thanks to Brett Cameron Web Services on OpenVMS, theorie, practice (Wsit, gSoap)

OpenVMS web services, théories, pratiques

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AT the 2014 fall bootcamp, Brett Cameron presented the new hyper-connected world of Internet of Things, and told how VMS could be used in this context:

BC IoT (1)

BC IoT (2)

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Thanks to Brett Cameron, a presentation about what is Big Data and how to use it with VMS

What is Big Data and VMS insterests (1)

What is Big Data and VMS insterests (2)

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