VMS ecosystem revisited

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The OpenVMS Bolton (8.4-1H1) is going to manufacturing. VSI did what was promised and we’ll get the version before this spring end.

Little less than two years after the EOL announce for VMS, the VMS ecosystem is going its new way. The field test has been a success, with more than 40 important sites, which is beyond average for this sort of operation. The market channels are going up with good collaboration with HP and also new independent channels begin to appear.

Beyond the very interesting results for performance on Itanium i4, which re-open serene future for big users, perhaps the most thrilling message is about trade-in announces, even in contexts where there were no more support contracts. The message is evident: VSI wants to reconquer all the OpenVMS base, with a special attention to the lesser companies which have had gradually abandoned the fight.

It is the signification of our title. The long term VSI strategy will make of VMS something ordinarily known. When OpenVMS will be on x86 and other architectures, one will buy VMS as he can buy Apple, Windows, Red Hat. And the firsts to be served will be the loyal VMS base going out its little slumber.

We will go back with all the details, and we will propose to the VMS ecosystem ways to act. But,  for the moment, it is time to enjoy the event, and to measure an event which will contribute to change the trustable and sustainable domains in IT.

Do take your order books !!



We take the risk of appearing too lyric, in a very serious domain – but we think our managers do like also humour – we dedicate the old song to VSI.

(american) http://songs.2quakers.net/cat-came-back

(canadian, forget the advertisement) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bETCusT5kNM

(french) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqwPLMN-XHY

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