VMS ecosystem revisited

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When we met them last November in Böblingem, Germany, the VSI team engaged itself to publish before the end of the year an official agenda for 2015. It’s done since December, the 18th . VSI is ending 2014 fulfilling its engagements and announces its engagements for 2015.

We have got on the VSI site a letter from Duane Harris, and a form to subscribe for field-tests on February (to submit before the 15th, January).

The documents can be downloaded from VSI site or on our site ( UDP001_pricing  VSI_Field_Test_20152).

It is not the moment to write advanced analysis or new questions to VSI – perhaps should we have as soon as possible the actual content of the version? -. We just are able to affirm 2015 will be a VMS year.

We underline:

-                  The CEO letter makes commitments on dates:

  • February for the field-tests,
  • February for availability of pre-order,
  • Selling in Spring,

-                  The letter and the form list the hardware supported (other to come after Spring, or in demand):

  • RX2800-i2
  • RX2800-i4
  • BL860-i2
  • BL860-i4
  • BL870-i2
  • BL870-i4
  • BL890-i2
  • BL890-i4

-                  The prices are given: same than HP, and 50% trade-in for existent licenses.

It is worthy to note the presence in the prices and in the field-test of the i2 together with the i4: the message is clearly to let the users experience as soon as possible the validity and continuity of the VSI versions of OpenVMS (8.4.1H1 here).

HP-Interex France, with the unshakeable help of HP France, and thanks to support of French VMS professionals, will do best as possible to help for fluency between all actors, to hand round information, questions and answers. We study the possibility a peculiar action to facilitate the field-tests organization for actors who can have difficulties to test on their site. We‘ll let you know later if we have concrete propositions.

For whose can do it, do submit a form for field-test. The places are not in infinite number.

We plan to launch as soon as possible a survey which could help VSI to define their targets. Since that, we collect all questions, recommendations of software or applications on VMS, contacts of interested people.

Waiting for the new moving year, happy holidays and a happy new year!

For HP-Interex France, Gérard Calliet, vice-président.

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