VMS ecosystem revisited

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We initiate here a serial about VMS.

VMS was designed with a great effort of mind. It's an OS with a philosophy behind it.

Our VMS Bible, with Alpha internals complements, and surely great articles in the Digital Technical Journal, help to understand it, the choices, the structuration, the arbitrations between drawbacks and benefits.

One specificity of this book is that every chapter has an epigraph. Funny or serious these epigraphs not only witness of the great culture of the writers, but are always very close of the chapter content. It is “the idea behind the idea”.

Our serial will use that to introduce to the specific VMS culture.

The writer is a VMS consultant, neither an expert nor a newbie.

The point here is a sort of vulgarization serial, designed from a special stand point, an opportunity given to specialists to collaborate in a sort of VMS encyclopedia.

The method:

-       We will produce each month an introduction to one of the 36 chapters of VMS Internals,

-       We will talk first of the epigraph,

-       We will signal the relation between the idea in the epigraph and some parts of the chapter contents,

-       We will point by this reference a specificity of VMS,

-       We will explore on the other resources the evolution of the concept through Alpha, Itanium (optional),

-     We will point out some differences between VMS and other OS (optional),

-       We will open the discussion: experts could write critics, add comments or other resources, which will included in our serial episode.

We hope to make this way the VMS culture attractive for newbies, and prove VMS community is able to innovate in collaborative authoring. We think that to introduce very serious topic by references which are together a little more light and a little more fundamental is a very good inheritance from the VMS pionners way of working for a design.

The idea came as a thanksgiving gift (Special thanksgiving for VMS), and it is the explanation of the serial title “Turkey”.

Turkey 1 was written in two hours, because we wanted to publish it when there were yet turkeys on the tables somewhere in the world. So it is brief and only one or two technical issues are mentioned. We will not be spoilers, read it, we just can say it’s about “the return of the king”, sort of signature for our 31th July 2014:  turkey 1

Now, for the same reasons, the technical way of opening collaboration is an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We will do our best to improve that.

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