VMS ecosystem revisited

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This site is the first public action of HP-Interex for the OpenVMS ecosystem.

OpenVMS enters a new transition with the end of the Itanium hardware architecture. Many analyzes speak of an End of Life for OpenVMS.

Watever the new episode could be, the OpenVMS ecosysem is entering a new phase of ten to fifteen years. At worst evaluations, OpenVMS will survive the death announcements at least as long as HP-3000, which is still present today after the announcement of his death in 2003.

For this phase can be lived serenely ecosystem OpenVMS must have tools, and have means of expressing its needs.

Ecosystems are often independent of their main suppliers : OpenVMS has already changed owners twice, stories of Unix vendors are more than complex. It is necessary that an ecosystem shoul have independent means to understand itself and then help suppliers construct their offer.

HP-Interex France intends to help the ecosystem to specify its needs, to make acquire providers an objective view of the environment. First goal.

The OpenVMS community must also qualify for itself its technical constraints, the specifications of target systems, and provide the right tools for a transition. The second goal of our work is to help the OpenVMS community for this long-term task.

Another urgent task is clear: allow the passing of the baton to a new generation who would know OpenVMS. HP-Interex France is committed to help enthusiasts OpenVMS to share their passion, build training facilities for OpenVMS. Third objective.

This site is natively multilingual.

The emergence of the computer ecosystem concept is contemporary with an universal concern for ecology, that is to say, for the interdependence of living in diversity.  In this diversity that of languages is a treasure. The same trend is noticeable in computer science, and we had to point that out.

Moreover it is the force of a community that is expressed neither in English nor in French who supported our moral in this project. Our site is native Swedish, English and French.

 (All items are not translated, and we work to improve our level in Swedish and English, but we still have some work in these domains. So any proposal translation or translation improvement is welcomed (post here : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )).
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