VMS ecosystem revisited

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A lot of interesting things have been heard at the Nashua VMS bootcamp 2015. We will give the details later. But one thing is to be retained: the whole VMS ecosystem is now up and running.

A complete reboot in about 8 months:

-          The development and qualification platform up and running,

-          A first version built from scratch, qualified, distributed, respecting all the (VMS) standards of quality,

-          The market channels, catalogs of products, maintenance channel rebuilt and used,

-          Last but not least: the ‘family’ of VMS experts doing their usual job at the traditional bootcamp.

Anyone did think about publishing it on some book of records? Is there another example of such a feat? Usual answer: these things are only due to the intrinsic qualities of the environment. If you think a reboot is an exalting and risky operation, do choose another environment.

The major pieces of information:

The strategy is confirmed: giving the best comfort to the existing base of customers, and porting to x86 in a reasonable time.

The new alliance with HP is working well. It was readable that HP selling task forces were pleased to offer to the VMS community the best of the bride of the new servers, with i4 (Poulson), soon i6 (Kitson). The good collaboration between HP experts and VSI experts was visible.

As it was waited with i4, the performance is here, at least 30% without any tuning.

A new roadmap was presented (http://www.vmssoftware.com/pdfs/VSI_Roadmap_20150924.pdf), not too new, and the reason is: VSI does what was promised earlier. The date of the new release is around February 2016.

A very important point: a new TCP-IP will be part of the new release.

The x86 port is really on-going: qualified, scheduled, trustable.

The compiler strategy is chosen and will integrate VMS in the innovative main stream.

Now VSI works on 3 new topics:

-          Helping the aggregation of the experts companies or consultant, to offer to the customers the tools for maintaining VMS, with the elaboration of a professional alliance, (see: http://www.vmssoftware.com/services_prof.html),

-          Rebooting the training for VMS,

-          Helping for the transition of the huge number of sites which are yet on VAX and Alpha.

And, because VSI is conscious of the weight of the Emea customers base, very soon, an European initiative. Keep in touch!

(The photo is a patchwork of sympathetic VMS images, in a staircase at VSI headquarters. A symbol of patient sewing of time and skills).

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