VMS ecosystem revisited

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At 2013th end of year, for us in France, two events feet :

  • for HP-Interex France, the ending of a semester of work with our publication of the first results of our survey, focused on France (First results for the fall survey ),
  • for the OpenVMS community in general a rewrite of the June 2013 announce, which refines some data (leters to OpenVMS customers that indicate notabily a new end of support for 8.4 in 2025 ; see ; we will come back in detail about these corrections later).

For sure, we ought to analyse in detail the new announce from HP, for every type of customers and needings. Alltogether we have to evaluate in details the nature of reactions we collected.

But a more synthetic approach might be proposed.

The french public we contacted is in a major part upset about the June announces, and a trust crisis against HP is also a majority. Most of the actors we interviewed are members of big or very big companies (steel, transport, phone, energy), and there are some Small or Middle companies.

For the firsts they see future heavy risks and costs. The seconds are scared about vital risks.

In parallel, the correction announced by HP witnesses it is involved by its customers feelings. And this action cannot result from anything else than strong complains from customers. But the aspect “a minima” of the rewriting has to be underlined.

So, a question is pending. How such a dissemblance between an violent reaction on a side and some “gentlemen agreement” on the other side ?

The answer is probably to search for in the very nature of the OpenVMS ecosystem.

This system is well known by technical managers, but remains for the CEOs only an important tool, a little bit subaltern and old fashioned. And the public we can interview is more in the technical domain (we used as a basis to get contacts lists of Paris TUD attendees). On the contrary important managers in HP are more used to speak with their counerpart in big companies.

There is here the beginning of a serious problem : HP could involuntarily made worse structural differences of interests inside the OpenVMS ecosystem, between general management and IT management, and between “big customers” and Small or Middle size companies market.

To be remembered : the OpenVMS community does exist, and HP is able to hear it. Two positive mesures which are to be aknowledged as promising beginnings.

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