VMS ecosystem revisited

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Something properly new : the new life of VMS announces dependable system resiliency

Everybody knows about Cloud, Big Data, successes or difficulties about new tablets or smartphones formats, etc...

We can call it usual innovations, which sounds a little bit like a paradox.

Perhaps there are events more subtle, that announces real novelty.

We had written here an open letter to Meg Withman, proposing her to take the OpenVMS train. The announce of 31st July 2014, is even more thrilling. Not only HP doesn't kill OpenVMS, but HP has been able to collaborate with another company to imagine (invent?) a new future for OpenVMS.

HP passes the baton to VSI, VMS Software Inc, which will deliver the new versions of VMS, beginning with a port on Itanium i4 Poulson announced for Q1 2015. VSI would deliver new versions for new intel Itanium hardware, and thinks about porting VMS on x86.

It is not the time now for analyses about of all the details of this innovative initiative of collaboration. HP and VSI, like in all the best stories, are now ensuring the cradle. They will inform us of all the details, because we will ask them.

Today, it is worth measuring the event itself. Something new is happening.

We were asking Meg Whitman to invent some new way of making together good business at a high-pace and preserving lower-pace markets necessities. The announce is about a collaboration which allows this two paces to cohabit. It seems it is anew possible to have a life where one can choose when to run, or when to walk when to have a rest. First innovation.

We were talking about decades of higth quality programming, not only black boxes assembly, just good and trustable programming. VSI has hired well known experts to create its team. These people are not been only historic creators of VMS, they have had some other lifes before to day. What will be developped will be a new alliance between « old » and « new » technologies. Second innovation.

We were talking, like the global VMS community has been talking. And this strong reaction of the VMS community is one of the reasons for this new alliance. How can a back bone community be of influence nowadays ? An almost universaly unknown community ? But our talks have had a little bit of impact. Third innovation.

What are these innovations about ? The new discovered reality is : there exists some resiliency for the dependable systems ecosystems.

And it is not a hazard that this resiliency could appear for the first time in an ecosystem which is an heir of the big business success of the 60's IT : Digital Equipment Corporation.

For sure VSI is not a new DEC, but we wish them a same big success, not the same, because we hope they even will last a little be more.

For now, we have to ensure the cradle, using the three aspects noted :

- being aware of all the details of VSI / HP collaboration, to ensure everyone would do its business fairly and surely,

- helping the creation of a new age of programming around VMS, helping newbies to get in, grey panthers to imagine innovation, ensuring we get the quality we always got,

- transforming our reaction into action : VMS users clubs have to play their part.

Beginning here our work, we invite both HP and VSI representatives to write us what they want to write. It will be an honour to publish them.

Even more urgent is to say how gratefull we are for all the people who made this possible. We know a lot of names. There is one impossible not to note : thank you Sue Skonetski !

Firsts links about the announce :

By HP :


VSI roadmap :


Duane Harris is the CEO of VSI. He is also the CEO of Nemonix, a company which maintains for decades a lot of tools and devices specific to VMS. Here a speach of Duane Harris on last december, which is event more of interest today, because we know here about the VSI founder philosophy :


In the press :









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