VMS ecosystem revisited

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How can you enjoy a journey? When you are comfortable on the road, and when you have a good destination.

What was heard at the last Connect Bootcamp in Boston, 29th-2nd October, where VSI and HP presented the alliance for VMS, confirms a very good deal for VMS has been made.

We have got well inspired investor. We have got a reinforced old-new (or new-old ?) VMS experts team. We have got a new branded company for exclusive VMS use: VMS Software inc.  We have got a true commitment from HP to continue business as usual for decades with all knew hardware offered to be supported by VSI on OpenVMS.

Also we have had always a very concerned community of exigent and competent customers. We have had always good users club. Reasons of the very good quality of the Bootcamp.


The very important ideas from the Bootcamp:

The new deal for VMS is well structured : real investment, true cooperation between HP and VSI, reasonable plans for the future.

The collaboration between HP and VSI make all the itaniums potentially usable by VMS customers, with HP before i4, with HP and VSI (directly or undirectly) for i4 Poulson and successors. Of interest for HP because VMS users will now consolidate their environment with new HP hardware. Of interest for VSI for sure. Of interest for us.

The plans of VSI are strongly structured. Everyone look for the new VMS on x86. But it is not worth dreaming that the day after tomorrow is tomorrow. So VSI has designed a two-phases plan:

Phase I: making comfortable VMS users with huge new performance of i4 on OpenVMS, permitting them reasonable investments for the 2 or 3 next years.

Phase II: offering the new VMS on the new x86s, for a new age of VMS.

What has been felt anew at the bootcamp is about port to x86. The presentations we heard demonstrate this port is not a vague project. It is a fundamental part of the overall strategy. It is already  on work.

But for now it is very important to reinforce all the OpenVMS ecosystem, and to prepare with serenity the future. The availability of i4 Poulson with the VSI 8.4-* new versions of OpenVMS opens for worthy investments in terms of stability, productivity improvements, gains of performance, energy economy, as we can understand.


HP-Interex France will do all could be done for help in this new situation.


Duane Harris the ceo of the new company opened his speech by a Ken Olsen quotation: “doing the right thing”.

Sue Skonetski concluded the bootcamp with this phrase “you depend on us, and we depend on you”.


In the VMS culture this is a truism. It is positive collaboration between a company exposing ethics and a loyal and competent community. The way to unexpected successes, we hope.


We will expose in our site all information, presentations, announces about this new VMS, and we are waiting for all commentaries. For the moment, have a look at this document : http://www.vmssoftware.com/pdfs/VSI_DrawerSt_v2.pdf.

And, have a look on the VSI site : http://www.vmssoftware.com

The first presentations at the bootcamp:  vsi commented roadmap 2014     vsi porting VMS to x86


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