VMS ecosystem revisited

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VSI team was in Böblingen, Germany, only a few days before thanksgiving. The effort equivalent in Europe is to do business two days before Christmas. So, thanks a lot.

As usual in Europe for VMS the event was a success, with this time more than 40 attendees. They have been more than 80 inAmsterdam, and equivalent numbers in Stockholm. All confirmed professionals from important companies. All very happy to learn about the new future for VMS.

And the very subject of thanks is what that gave us a new future, the splendid initiative of VSI creation.

So thank you all, VSI team, and specifically the ones who had first trust in this adventure and made him happen.

Because all of the VMS community are not American, there is here a link to the thanksgiving story:


(In French: http://french.france.usembassy.gov/a-z-thanksgiving.html).

The whole point is: nothing is possible without collaboration. The survivors of the MayFlower would not have pass a second winter without help from Indian Americans who helped them to fish, hunt, and grow corn on the new continent.

(To know if Europe is or is not a new continent for VMS is another question).

As a thanksgiving gift from the old continent these pictures:


What is the sense of the third? It is page 3 of our VMS Bible: VAX/VMS Internals and Data Structures, Ruth E. Goldenberg, Lawrence J. Kenah and Denise D. Dumas. What is remarkable in this page? Epigraph. Every chapter in this book has an epigrap.

It is another sort of collaboration… about collaboration.

An OS is a collaborating system of specific part of software,  which enables collaboration between user, upper level software and computer. VMS is a particular good OS because this collaboration was well thought.

And to think about a design is well done by ery well educated people, who can imagine, coordinate objects. The writers of our VMS bible found a sort of thnking root for each part. The epigraph are like key images of the chapters.

I decided to offer to the community a novel for VMS. I will publish every month a short story about one chapter. My rule will be:

1) to imagine the link between the epigraph and the content of the chapter,

2) to say something about the technical ideas which funded the technical content,

3) to open a discussion about the technical choices, their evolution, the comparison which can be made with other OS,

4) to collect from authorized people all complements, critics.

We need encyclopaedia for VMS. I am not authorized for such a  task. My ambition is to give the desire to deepen knowledge of VMS, to have incentives in understanding why VMS is a so interesting technical system.

A collaboration begins and continues with gifts. I hope for collaboration, and it is my first gift:  turkey 1
All folks, a good thanksgiving !


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